Can’t let go
that would be a mistake…
but i cant hold on
I’m loosing grip with every breath i take..

And you find it easier..
to tell me how you feel
all the right words spoken
so the truth would be reveald

you can express yourself
in manners i admire
and being the way you are
makes the future not seem that far

You have always been true
and i know you do care
even when i was difficult
you remaind fair

Unselfish as you were
a quality that many lack
you placed others first
and never expected anything back

Basic as it sounds
everyone has their days
when you want to close yourself from the world
and go away

Yet you would come back to me
once again saying all the things i wished to hear
not once thinking
i had something to fear

But something happend now..
it was to fast to see comming
one moment i was on clouds
now i see myself running

The road has become rocky now..
its raining on our parade..
all the things you said..
seems to fade

and i find myself standing
in the middle of it all
where are you now..
when its you that i call?

Am i to wait for you to lead me back?
or should i walk on foward and forget the other track?
you need to let me know.
What am i to do..
when I’m in love with you.