It’s to complicated to see the ending
i’m so frustrated to see our hands keep on slipping
It used to be so simple, the awnser so clear
but darkness is upon us and the clouds are comming near

Time is moving past us, never slowing down,
yet we can’t make a decision of what’s to happen now.
Black and white we knew, grey helped us win,
but it seems, secretly, more colours are comming in

We try to look for deeper meaning in each other’s words..
but the misunderstanding, makes matters worse
I can’t tell you what i want, but i can tell you what i feel..
but all these emotions, are just so sureal

We both know this can’t go on for long
but neither of us can say goodbye..we are not that strong
Is ths mabye life…giving us a test?
id like to know..what happens next?