it’s slipping away,
it’s slipping away,

it’s been to long..
i have no strength to stay strong
all these, memories
that seems to be living in me,

but now, its like
you never were by my side
and you slip away
you’re gone, all i can say..

were you, ever real?
did you hear me when i called your name
and did you feel,
my screams crying out in pain

you’re gone, whats left?
but just moments of regrets
how did we fall?
you were the glue to our souls,

without you, here
there’s so much more that i fear,
but how could it be?
when youre not living in me

i don’t feel you
did you leave me so soon
all i can say
is that youre slipping away

and it feels as though
i should still hang on..
but to what if its all gone.
i wish i could bring it all back
but you are gone, face the facts